how do bed bugs die naturally

How do bed bugs die naturally?

how do bed bugs die naturally
how do bed bugs die naturally

lets discuss about how do bed bug die naturally. Bed bugs is one of the insects breed quickly. In two months could be laying around 500 grains. Bed bugs are hard to die by itself. But there are some predators that eat it though this also includes insect predators as well. The masked hunter is a predator insect, cockroaches, ants, spiders, mites, and centipedes. These are the steps how to bedbug die naturally.

Find the bed bug Infestation.

Among the first steps to totally eliminate all traces of bed bugs out of your home is to find all the infested areas. Bed bugs are usually found in bedrooms. Nevertheless they can inhabit any room in the house where people and household pets sleep.

The UNITED STATES Environmental Protection Agency recommends carefully verifying the seams of mattresses and other very soft furnishings in your house. Examine the areas between cushions, your bed and bed frame and some other possible hiding devote your bedroom. Your bed and mattress structure and some other possible hiding place put in your bedroom. Don’t forget to check on dining drawer joints, behind loose wallpaper, and in electrical power or electronic appliances.

1. Use a vacuum cleaner

Using a vacuum cleaner to suck up the bed bugs is an effective and simple solution to eradicate bed bugs from your bedroom. A vacuum cleaner is a common household item so it can be used by you right now to kill bed bugs. To be sure and be rid of any eggs throughout the seams of your mattress, use a stiff brush to loosen any bed bug eggs from the material.

Bed bugs can be  almost everywhere you go, be hiding, so you’ll need to vacuum all chairs and other very soft furnishings, carpets, field  pack springs, and mattresses and even curtains.

2. Freeze items

Kill bed bugs in smaller sized items by positioning them in a freezer. Although bed bugs can’t resist freezing temperatures. They can live for up to a full year in a cool room without the food sources.

If you want to kill the bedbugs naturally, you will need to put infested items in a mini-fridge or refrigerator which has a heat temperature range below 1 ° F (-17 ° C) for at least 2 hours or more.

3. Hot steam

Hot steam is a superb home treatment to destroy bed bugs and their eggs without destroying the surroundings. The hot steam method for bed bugs eradication can rid of the bed bugs from small crevices and breaks. The steam can also permeate through the bed.

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