Training that removes fat!

If you understand how fat is burned, you can design your workout so you get maximum fat burning.

liftupHere are the expert tips. The walk up and down in weight is a purely physical process. Here we explain what actually happens in the body when fat is burned during a training session. The fat is burned well during training, whether you are aware of what is done or not.

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But if you know the process, it can enable you to plan your exercise program so you can maximize your results. In this connection, Professor Jackson by the department of physical performance at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences tips to share: “First, it is actually possible to burn fat without exercising if you consume so little food that the muscles do not get the energy they need, from the intestines so that they begin to eat into fat stores,” says Jackson. “It is, however, that if you exercise, so multiply energy needs.


Then produces adrenaline and noradrenaline, which triggers the cleavage of triglyceride in fat cells – and so why do not you lose weight while eating as usual. Low intensity = burns fat Fat burning process is a slow process. “The cleavage and training process in the burning of fat is long, so it’s limited how quickly you can break down the fatty acid in the muscles,” says Raasted. “When you train with very high intensity, requires the muscles more energy than fat can provide. Therefore, it becomes primarily carbohydrates that are already inside the muscle cells, which incinerated. ” In a short time, for example 10 minutes, the carbohydrates supply more energy than the fatty acid may be.

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Therefore it is that, relatively speaking, burn more fat when working at low intensity – for here is the fatty acids time to arrive, and they can be burned before the muscles become ‘saturate’. “That is why training sessions such as” Fat burning aerobics “which is training that is directly aimed at burning fat. The kind of training hours conducted in low intensity level, precisely to activate fat burning rather than glucose burning. ” In order to burn fat optimally, you should train so hard that you lie on about 60 percent of your maximum oxygen uptake, which means that your heart rate should be between 70 and 80 percent of your max heart rate. Interval for maximum combustion The concept of low intensity workouts to burn as much fat as possible is still somewhat misunderstood, warns Jackson.

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