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How Fast do bed bugs multiply

Now we will give you information about how fast do bed bugs multiply. How to stop bed bug reproduction so quickly is one of the difficult issues. Although many of the more advanced research and always evolving does not make the bed bugs be destroyed. To understand how fast do bed bug multiply can we learn from the following:

How Do Bed Bugs Multiply?

How fast do bed bugs multiply depend on the female bed bugs. average bed bugs females lay eggs about one up to seven per day after they get their blood meals. Although, the mating process difficult to happen for the female bed bug. Frequent mating of female bed bug can cause injury. At the result, female bed bugs can’t produce more eggs at a time of increased mating sessions. In addition, the female bed bugs are more likely to move away from her original place to the place where they can easily get a food source and of mates. With less of enemy and easy access to get food, a female bed bug can produce many eggs.


Usually, the female bed bugs with full access to get meals will produce anywhere about 200 to 250 eggs during her life. Because bed bugs mating causes scarring problem, a female that has mated several times in a short period will produce fewer eggs than a female who has had few time to recover from the reproduction eggs process. It needs for females to protect their self to face the future mating sessions and helped to increase the matter of bed bugs.

Pregnant female bed bugs always make a travel in purposes to • avoid being mated with again. A single pregnant female can produce of more than 5.000 bed bugs within a half of year period.


Bed bug needs approximately six to seventeen days to hatch their eggs. Hatched eggs also called nymphs. A nymph can not be able to reproduce until it has completely matured. The period of time they take for a nymph to mature based on temperature. Eggs can hatch and become mature bed begs in a minimum of 21 days in warm temperature. It can take more than 4 months or 16 weeks for the same process in cool temperatures. Nymphs begin feeding blood after they hatch. After that, A single female bed bug can mate again after all the nymphs has fully matured.

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