Temperature to kill bed bugs heat or cold

Temperature to kill bed bugs

temperature to kill bed bugs

Temperature to kill bed bugs is one of the solutions to kill bed bugs. But not just any temperature we can use for it. Bed bugs requires a certain temperature so they are really dead.

In fact we can also be drying bed bugs in the Sun. For this process we need the Sun really extra hot. Or we call with extreme heat.

So berepa the temperature that we need to use to kill bed bugs. How to hot temperature with colder temperatures and how we are going to discuss now.


What temp to kill bed bugs?

Temperature to kill bed bugs using a hot temp. Temp to kill bed bugs are divided into two to kill bed bugs and their eggs to destroy.

The first to kill bed bugs up we need the heat as high as 118 or 119 degrees Fahrenheit. In this temperature the bed bugs will die if we bake them about two to three hours duration.

The second is to kill the egg bed bugs. For this we need a higher temperature that is until 125 derejat the eggs so that greater Fahrenheit quickly dies.

Based on information from Dr. Dini m. Miller of the Department of Entomology at Virginia Tech. If we use temperature 118 degrees Fahrenheit eggs will still be dead. But it took much longer than we use temperature 125 degrees Fahrenheit.

As a side note we should do this in treatment supervision. The hope not to happen a bad thing as long as we do the treatment.


Temperature to kill bed bugs cold


The second temperature to kill bed bugs use cold temp. Cold temp to kill bed bugs is also one of the solutions to get rid of bed bugs. We can use the frezer to do so.

Enter the object contained bed bugs into the plastic. After that we enter in the frezer with temperature of zero degrees Fahrenheit. We do this cooling for at least four days so that the bed bugs die.

That’s the way that we can use to kill bed bugs by using the temperature. You can use the temperature of hot or cold temperature in addressing the disturbing your bed bugs. In addition to the above you can also read the ways to get rid of bed bugs here.

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